#46: Fearful Trends in SEO: Moz, Mobile & Mega-Corporations

Nate & Brett discuss what professional SEOs & digital marketers can learn from recent industry news & a couple long-building trends.

Issues Discussed

  • Lessons Learned from Moz’s Layoff Announcement
  • Whether building an audience to sell a product really works
  • Google’s AMP project
  • “Tinderization” of Google Search Results
  • When you should chase Google’s “shiny new things”
  • What to do about SEO technical debt
  • Whether (and how) small & medium businesses can compete in SEO
  • Lack of diversity in Google search results
  • Consolidation of digital publishers
  • What to do when your competition is a multi-billion dollar corporation


Links Mentioned

Moz’s Layoffs

AJ Kohn’s Post

Google’s AMP Project

AMP’s current & future impact

ViperChill’s Post on SERP Consolidation


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